Marisha Morris

Office Administrator

Marisha was born and raised in L.A.  She serves University Christian Church as our Office Manager.  People who know her say she has a sweet and quiet spirit.  She has this gentle demeanor, yet she possesses a heart of conviction.

A favorite quote of hers is, "God can’t give us peace or happiness apart from Himself because there is no such thing" --C.S. Lewis.  This quote sums up Marisha’s pursuits and passion for God.  She is an avid reader who is especially fond of books that transport her to a different time and place; even another world.   She also enjoys long walks.  

Marisha is an only child, but as she says, “who needs siblings when you've got a ton of cousins!”   She speaks Japanese and has studied abroad in Japan for a semester.  So, let’s end by saying, “よろしくお願いします!”