Raise Them Up Parenting Conference

2nd Annual Parenting Conference (14).jpg

Saturday, August 4, from 9am-4pm

Are you a struggling parent, new parent, or do you feel like parents who “don’t know what you don’t know”? 

Then come! Learn to reach the heart of your child AND parent boldly and courageously with love and boundaries. Hear from veteran parents who have walked the road of parenting and you will gather impactful insights that can be easily applied in your family. Yes, you can raise children to know and love God, and to embrace God’s purpose and will for their lives.

Topics include:

  • Addressing gender-confusing messages your child is hearing
  • Being watchmen over their social media and technology usage
    (how much is too much and teaching them how to use social media for good)
  • “Get Your Mind Right” includes conversation on the influence of music, movies, and TV on young minds
  • Love and respectful communication in the family
  • What about your marriage? Modeling and setting a healthy foundation for their future relationships

Featuring keynote speakers Tommy & Fatimah Forester on strong, courageous and tech-savvy parenting.  Cost is $30/person.  Breakfast and light lunch included.  Register here!