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What are "Oikos Groups"?

Life is not meant to be lived alone.

Whether you're new to UCC, or have attended for a long time, joining an Oikos Group is key to helping you live in community, serve the community and build friendships! 

The Greek word, "Oikos" means extended family. Life is better together. 

Our mission is to “make disciples that love God, love people and love our city.”  Being a part of an Oikos Group helps you to live out that mission and three of UCC's core principles (discipleship, diversity, and community)!  

Join one of the Oikos small groups in your community and make a difference in your community.

Register for an Oikos group here!

Oikos Group Lessons

Winter Lesson # 1: Community

Winter Lesson # 2: Where Is Your City?

Winter Lesson #3: Not So with You

Winter Lesson #4: Present Yourselves

Winter Lesson #5: If You Do Them

Winter Lesson #6: Only Done Our Duty

Winter Lesson #7: Broken Heart

Winter Lesson #8: Generous Heart

Winter Lesson #9: Compassionate Heart

Winter Lesson #10: Overflowing Heart