Judy Fairall-Woods

Elementary Coordinator

Judy grew up a native of North Hollywood, California and now lives in the farming community of Fillmore. She recently married her husband Joe, and together they have a beautiful blended family with their six children: Joey, Westley, Sarah, Jake, Mahaila, and Hannah. 

She has a vast range of experience with children of all ages, including multiple church ministries, preschools, in the public schools, as well as training and experience with children with special needs. She has a background in theatre, and is currently pursuing her formal education in elementary teaching. 

Judy has great passion for our precious little people, and creating a fun, inspirational environment for them to learn about the amazing love Jesus has for them. She believes God has a unique plan and purpose for each and every child and she has a special way of connecting with kids and loves to help nurture their walk with God.

I do have to tell you, Judy is a fun one. She believes life is an adventure, (she jumped out of an airplane once!) and she likes to find joy in the smallest of things. One of her favorite activities is going camping with her family and experiencing, in awe, all the wonder of nature God has created for us. 

Judy is continually amazed at God’s amazing love for us. She cherishes the fact that even in the darkest of times, we can have hope in Jesus. She believes being able to share that love with others is truly remarkable, and along with pursuing God, what life is all about.